Four Principles Seminar Schedule

The Four Principles Seminar
with Abu Hafsah Kashif Khan


Friday March 28th:

Salatul Jumu’ah (1:15pm): Jumu’ah Khutbah delivered by Abu Hafsah

Immediately following Salatul-Maghrib
First session: “Al Qawaaid Al Arba’a”

Saturday March 29th:

Following Salatul-Fajr
Second Session: “Al-Qawaaid Al Arba’a”

Following Salatul Dhuhr
Third session: “Al-Qawaaid Al Arba‘a” (1 hour)

Fourth session: “Al Qawaaid Al Arba’a”
Dinner will be served

Sun. March 30th

Following Salatul Fajr
Fifth  session: “Al Qawaaid Al Arba’a” (1.5 hours)

Following Salatul Dhuhr
Final session: “Al Qawaaid Al Arba’a” (1 hour)

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