Vending at the Summer Conference

Due to the large amount of vending inquiries we’ve been receiving, we’ve set up an e-mail dedicated answering and accommadating all queries:

The following rules must be followed:
1. No books will be sold, except by the conference organizers.
2. No tapes or CDs will be sold, except by the conference organizers.
3. Per hotel staff, no food products can be sold at the hotel.

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28 Responses to Vending at the Summer Conference

  1. Aisha dawud says:

    i make handmake things like baby blankets , living room blankets flowers for the hair ect
    how do we get a space 4 vending?

  2. Umm Idris says:

    As salaamu alaykum

    What is the turn-around for response to vending inquiry? I have not received a reply yet.


    • admin says:

      wa ‘alaykumus salaam

      May Allaah reward your efforts. Usually, the e-mails are usually replied to within a day or two. Please allow a couple of extra days, since you sent in your query on Friday and the weekend comes right after.

  3. Ummzakareya says:

    Assalamu Alaykum
    I do Henna Design. Can iI get a space for vending?

  4. Abdulwaleepaul says:

    As Salaam Alaik Is ther a cut off date for Hotel reservations?

    • admin says:

      wa ‘alaykumus salaam

      We’ve gone over our block limit by three times now. The hotel will keep providing us rooms until they run at, at which time they will seek an alternative place for lodging additional guests inshaa` Allaah.

  5. ibrahim says:

    how much the booth cost ?

  6. ibrahim says:

    how big is the booth please ? is it 10×10 ?

  7. ibrahim says:

    how do I pay you ?

  8. Fadiylah Amatut-Tawwab says:

    Insha’Allaah would like to vend for the entire conference. What is the latest date you will be accepting vending fees? Are you taking deposit? Your Sister-n-Diin,Umm Fajr (Niqaabiforever)

  9. Ra'idah says:

    Since there will be no food vending will there be breaks in between lectures for lunch and dinner? Does the hotel provide other food accomendations or will we have to leave the hotel to get food?

  10. Raidah says:

    where will we be able to purchase food since there is no food vending?

  11. Naseemah says:

    Alhamdulilah Shukran

  12. Mubah Enterprize says:

    Wood burnt designs, dua’s, islamic art, keychains, islamic clothing niqaabs, khimars, overhead abayas etc.
    We’ve been trying to get a space for someoneto contact us, no response as of yet.The email came in around march sometime, insha-Allah we await your response.

  13. Mubah Enterprize says:

    What is the vendors’ set-up time for Friday??

  14. Mubah Enterprize says:

    I didn’t recieve a e-mail conformation for my payment yet. My postal tracking reciept shows that it was delivered on Fri. June 10th

  15. Mubah Enterprize says:

    Salaams… insha’Allah we’re still waiting for a comformation on payment recieved

  16. Mubah Enterprize says:

    Salaams…we just realized when we leave a comment,it post the wrong time. The last comment was posted @ 8:34am wed. 6-15-2011, regarding payment.

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