Steadfastness Conference Info

Here we will be relaying the latest news on the “Steadfastness upon the Manhaj” conference inshaa` Allaah, including the venue, vending etc…

Steadfastness upon the Manhaj Conference – Philadelphia 2012

In the meantime, please direct all queries to Admin at

11 Responses to Steadfastness Conference Info

  1. khalil abdul rahman says:

    Need to get some hotel information in close proximity of the conference and the location of the conference

  2. admin says:

    wa ‘alaykumus salaam

    Here is what you’re looking for:

    • khalil abdul rahman says:

      I had ask the question before checking my mail masha allah I booked a room jazakumallah keiran

  3. Abu Abdul Basir says:

    Where will the conference be held?

  4. umm turaab says:

    salaam aleykum warahmatulah wabarakatu,

    is there anyway we can listen to the lecture online, via paltalk or wiziq. or telelink?

  5. abdul-kareem says:

    assalaam alaykium is a there pick up from the airport to conference. for the people that flying in for the conference? may Allah reward you brothers ameen!!

    • admin says:

      wa ‘alaykumus salaam

      The hotel does not have its own shuttle service to any airport. They recommend using:
      Rapid Rover

  6. Warda says:

    Assalamu Alakuim,

    I was wondering if there is a facebook page. I would like to invite people online inshallah. It would be a great promotional tool inshallah.

  7. fatimah mitchell says:

    Inash’allah is the conference being held jersey?

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